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Why Work at Advocate Energy Group?

Advocate Energy Group is offering one of the best career opportunities in the United States over the next 25 years!


AEG is a full-service energy consulting firm assisting commercial businesses with free energy bill auditing to recover energy bill overcharges. In addition, we help businesses make informed electricity and natural gas purchasing decisions.


Our industry is recession proof! Most businesses need energy to operate and all businesses are in search of cost saving opportunities. The future of our industry has never been more attractive!

We currently have an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our fast-paced company as an Energy Sales Advocate.


We provide the training, tools and support necessary to help you achieve success quickly, regardless of your experience level. You will be well compensated for your individual results. This is an excellent opportunity for a motivated team player who has the drive and determination to achieve independence.

- Initial and ongoing training program

- Back-office service and support

- An entrepreneurial work environment

- Agent has free access to AEG office space or can operate from home office

- Top-notch management team with over 25 years of energy industry experience



AEG is not a multi-level or
network marketing company.