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Energy Advocates help you save money on electricity

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Advocate Energy Group is a leading energy services company in North America procuring the best energy prices and products for our customers.


We provide the most comprehensive energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers in all states that have deregulated their energy commodities. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of the energy markets, customer service excellence, and the integrity of our associates.


We know that saving money is your objective – we know how to help! Our retail electricity advocates will work hard for you to customize an energy rate that will keep your bill low regardless of your usage, the weather or even the changing economy.


We offer competitive fixed prices, variable and hybrid options, based on your specific needs. Advocate Energy Group, LLC. has helped numerous customers save on their electricity and gas bills; and this includes residential customers all the way up to large, multi-location corporations. No matter what your situation, we can reduce your overall energy costs – period.


Unlike other energy consulting companies, we don’t make things confusing, nor will we waste your time. Our energy Advocates remove the hassle and provide you with honest business and valuable support; and at Advocate Energy Group, LLC., we believe that’s the way it should be!


We have over 25 years of energy experience … We are your Energy Advocate.



Energy Service Company in America, fixed, variable and hybrid pricing




We do the heavy lifting for you based on our decades of experience, extensive knowledge of the energy markets and work ethic, allowing you to focus on your core business and bottom line. Here’s to your success!







Advocate Energy Group provides the most thorough energy price savings offerings based on your operations and location. We represent 24 of the top energy providers in the United States who aggressively compete to earn your business.


It is simple, energy deregulation gives the power of choice to the consumer and Advocate Energy Group provides the expertise and buying power for the best possible outcome.


Currently energy prices are near all-time lows and with the economy slowly improving, the increase in energy demand will cause prices to increase.

Now is the time to lock into longer-term fixed-priced contracts to protect your business from rising energy cost. Further, AEG provides a free energy bill and energy tax auditing service to uncover costs that can be recovered on the customers’ behalf. Many of these costs, including taxes, can be recovered back as far as 4 years.


We have trained account representatives to audit your energy contracts, tariffs and bills to find overcharges, incorrect charges or taxes that should have not been paid.


This service is provided with no upfront cost to the consumer and the only fee associated with the services in based on actually finding a refund for the customer.