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Electricity Rates Texas Electricity Rates Texas 

No matter what company you decide to use as your electricity provider, you will likely want to save as much money as possible on your electricity rates. Texas has a fairly stable weather pattern, so the techniques you can use to save money on the rates can remain constant from one season to the next.

Start with the Obvious Ways to Save Money on Electric Rates: Texas

The most obvious ways to save money on electric rates are universal to all areas with up ticking electricity rates. Texas is no exception to these suggestions. You can turn off lights and other electricity sucking appliances when they aren't in use. Even when they aren't on, electronics like computers, printers, cell phone chargers, microwaves and other devices still drain electricity. If you don't mind not having clocks set, you can even unplug your television. If you are worried about constantly unplugging devices, use a surge protector that has an on/off button to minimize the amount of electricity these items use when you don't need them.

Make a Small Change to Your Daily Routine

Some of the things you do on a day-to-day basis may be affecting the amount you pay monthly for your electric bill. No matter what company you are obtaining services from, you can't change the electricity rates. Texas residents can make a few small changes to the daily routine they follow and may be able to save big on electricity bills. One of the most important changes you can make is to adjust the thermostat. During the summer months when you have the air conditioner running, turn the thermostat up at least two to three degrees warmer to see some savings on your bill. During the colder months, turn the thermostat down two to three degrees cooler so that you can stop the heater from constantly running. Remember that you can always add a layer of clothing during the winter or dress in cooler clothes during the summer.

Check Some Lesser-Known Energy Suckers

You may not realize it, but your hot water heater may be sucking more energy than you think. One way that you can manage the amount of electricity your hot water heater uses is to turn down the heat a little so that you don't use as much electricity. Just one setting lower than the highest setting can save you a bundle on your electric rates. Texas doesn't cool down that much during the winter, but during those colder months, you can use a hot water heater blanket to prevent the cold air from trying to cool off the water in the hot water tank. Another energy sucker that you need to check is your air conditioning unit. If you use window units, you must either pull them out during the winter or cover them so that they aren't affecting the temperature in your home. If you have an HVAC unit, you don't have to worry about this.

Keep the Air Inside of Your Home

The final way that you can save money on your electric bill is to seal all the doors and windows. Trying to heat or cool the whole neighborhood is one way to see a rise in your electricity rates. Texas winds can push air into your home, which will make your heater or air conditioner work harder, so you have to stop this air by using insulation and caulk to stop drafts.