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Electricity Rates In Houston Electricity Rates In Houston 

Houston Texas is known as and very proud to be the "Energy Capital of the World". The city received this title after a lengthy history of being the center of the gas and oil industry. A great many of the world's largest energy companies are stationed in Houston Texas, as are dozens of energy hedge funds. This makes electricity rates in Houston very competitive.

Facility Upgrades to Improve Electricity Rates in Houston

There are 271 city facilities in Houston, Texas that provide energy to the area. These are being upgraded in the effort to lower electricity rates in Houston for businesses and residents. These improvements are expected to lower the city's electricity usage by thirty percent. In theory, these upgrade should lower residential electric bills as well as the commercial electric bills of Houston's business community; however, if that happens or not is yet to be determined.

Traffic Light Upgrades to Improve Electricity Rates

The City of Houston Texas is regularly replacing older traffic lights with new LED signals, which decreases electricity usage greatly. When all signal lights are totally upgraded, the city's yearly electricity savings is will be in the range of an astounding $3.6 million. What a great way to reduce the electricity rates in Houston. These savings may be passed on to the residents of Houston.

The Drought is Affecting the Electricity Rates in Houston

Most do not know that 34 percent of all the electricity bought by the City of Houston, Texas is used to treat the city's waste water. The tremendous drought that has been plaguing Houston since 2010 has had an impact on the area's energy plants and their efficiency. These energy plants depend on man-made ponds to keep cool. When rain is little to none, these ponds shrink and cause the plants to take more expensive measures to maintaining and cooling, such as bringing water in by trucks. This has effectively negated the previously mentioned methods to reduce electricity rates in Houston.

Business Measures to Save Electricity

Buildings that reach over 10,000 square feet are now mandated to be LEED certified, which requires a high degree of energy efficiency. As well as lowering the amount of electricity used, the owners of these facilities also save money by obtaining lower electric rates via an electricity broker. Electricity brokers are able to save commercial clients up to 65 percent on their electricity costs. Houston, Texas residential clients can compare electric companies and determine the cheapest electricity rates in Houston, which can ultimately save them up to 30 percent on their home electric bills.

Comparing Electricity Rates in Houston

Comparing Houston electricity rates is easy to do by comparing them at any local energy company's website, especially those companies that regularly service the city itself. A quick call to Energy Advocate Group can be especially useful to help you determine if you have the best electricity rates in Houston for your home or business. When you shop for inexpensive residential electricity rates, you can lower your household's monthly energy bill. Low priced electricity is easy to obtain, and with a little research and effort, you can be on your way to getting the best deal possible for your family or business on electricity rates in Houston.